The purebred cats are expensive Our prices are above $1,000+
品种猫的价格很贵 我们所有猫咪的售价都在 1000 美金以上
When the kittens above $2,500+ are have pedigree certificate,five blood lines
If the kittens are under $2500, international passports,vaccination records we provided,microchip.
如果所购买的猫咪价格在 2500美金以下 我们只提供国际护照 疫苗记录和微芯片
The Most of our cats are from Europe, should be older than 4 months old then can go to the new home,if not, you should wait for
大部分的猫咪都是来自欧洲 只有在4个月以上的猫咪 才能够通过海关的健康检疫 再送到到客户手中
请确保您有足够的经济能力 承担养猫后的开销 再购买猫咪
Please make sure that you can bear all expenses financially for your cats in the future.
我们只出售健康的猫,购买需要签署合同的 感谢您,不要再问这样愚蠢的问题了 因为爱猫才卖猫,不缺德不缺钱 即使说的天花乱坠保证的再多 也不会比真心去为你的猫负责更靠谱
We only sell healthy cats. The Buyers need to sign the contract, don’t ask such stupid questions anymore,thanks.
已经阅读 并完全理解了 以上全部内容 若您同意上方所述 请点击下方 “OK IKnow” 来查看在售猫咪
纯种猫很贵 如果您的经济条件有限 不愿意花很多钱买只猫 去收容所救助一只小流浪猫 或许也是个不错的选择 ♥ 😊 ♥
If you don't want to spend a lot of money to buy a cat. You can adopt a cat from shelter.
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